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Use Galaxy S4 Contacts to manage contacts, including phone numbers, email addresses, and others in Galaxy S4.

Tap Contacts on the Applications screen.

Managing Galaxy S4 contacts

Creating a contact on Galaxy S4

Tap  and enter contact information.

•   : Add an image.

•   /  : Add or delete a contact field.

Editing a contact on Galaxy S4

Select a contact to edit, and then tap .

Deleting a contact on Galaxy S4

Tap Delete.

Setting a speed dial number on Galaxy S4

Tap Speed dial setting, select a speed dial number, and then select a contact for it. To remove a speed dial number, tap and hold it, and then tap Remove.

Searching for Galaxy S4 contacts

Use one of the following search methods:

  • Scroll up or down the contacts list.
  • Use the index at the right side of the contacts list for quick scrolling, by dragging a finger along it.
  • Tap the search field at the top of the contacts list and enter search criteria.

Once a contact is selected, take one of the following actions:

•  : Add to favourite contacts.

•  /  : Make a voice or video call.

•  : Compose a message.

•  : Compose an email.

Displaying Galaxy S4 contacts

By default, the device shows all saved contacts on the device, the SIM or USIM card, or another account.

Tap Contacts to display, and then select a location where contacts are saved.

Moving Galaxy S4 contacts

Moving contacts to Google

Tap Merge accounts → Merge with Google.
Contacts moved to Google Contacts appear with  in the contacts list.

Moving contacts to Samsung

Tap Merge accounts → Merge with Samsung.
Contacts moved to Samsung Contacts appear with  in the contacts list.

Importing and exporting Galaxy S4 contacts

Importing contacts

Tap Import/Export → Import from SIM card, Import from SD card, or Import from USB storage.

Exporting contacts

Tap Import/Export → Export to SIM card, Export to SD card, or Export to USB storage.

Sharing contacts

Tap Import/Export → Share namecard via, select contacts, tap Done, and then select a sharing method.

Favourite contacts on Galaxy S4

Tap , and then take one of the following actions:

  • Search: Search for contacts.
  • Add to favourites: Add contacts to favourites.
  • Remove from favourites: Remove contacts from favourites.
  • Grid view / List view: View contacts in grid or list form.
  • Help: Access help information about using contacts.

Contact groups  on Galaxy S4

Adding contacts to a group

Select a group, and then tap . Select contacts to add, and then tap Done.

Managing groups

Tap , and then take one of the following actions:

  • Create: Make a new group.
  • Search: Search for contacts.
  • Change order: Tap and hold  next to the group name, drag it up or down to another position, and then tap Done.
  • Delete groups: Select user-added groups, and then tap Delete. Default groups cannot be deleted.
  • Help: Access help information about using contacts.

Sending a message or email to a group’s members

Select a group, tap Send message or Send email, select members, and then tap Done.

Business card on Galaxy S4

Create a business card and send it to others.

Tap Set up my profile, enter details, such as phone number, email address, and postal address, and then tap Save. If user information has been saved when you set up the device, select the business card in ME, and then tap  to edit.

Tap Share namecard via, and then select a sharing method.



  1. hi in my contacts the sms message envelope when tapped will not connect through so i cannot send message from contact list . i can only reply to people who have sent me a previous message

  2. Hi, I cannot save contacts. When I select ” Create contact” after a long pause, a pop up screen declares “Unfortunately , Contacts has stopped”
    My phone was working perfectly for 10 months and then this, out of the blue has cropped up.

  3. leticia Jukes says:

    How do you attach a photo to your contact?

  4. How do i insert a photo for a SIM card contact?

  5. My phone doesn’t display the “Merge accounts” option when I tap the menu icon. Do I have a different version or something? I want to send all my device contacts to Google. How can I do that without the “Merge accounts” option?

  6. I am attempting to copy my contacts to USB. I do not have an Import/Export option when I select the Menu button after opening the Contacts app!

  7. Louise Newswanger says:

    I have a small curly with a line next to a contact. I can not receive calls,from this contact. How do I remove?

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