Galaxy S4 Device layout


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In the front of Galaxy S4, you can find

  • Light sensor
  • Notification light
  • Earpiece
  • Proximity/Gesture sensor
  • Front camera
  • Touch screen
  • Home button
  • Menu button
  • Back button

In the right side of Galaxy S4, you can find:

  • Power button

In the bottom of Galaxy S4, you can find:

  • Microphone
  • Multipurpose jack


In the rear of Galaxy S4, you can find:

  • GPS antenna
  • Rear camera
  • Back cover
  • Speaker
  • Flash
  • Main antenna

In the left of Galaxy S4, you can find:

  • Volume button

On the top of Galaxy S4, you can find:

  • Microphone for speakerphone
  • Headset jack
  • IrLED



The microphone at the top of Galaxy S4 is active only when you use the speakerphone or take videos.

  • Do not cover the antenna area with your hands or other objects. This may cause connectivity problems or drain the battery.
  • Do not use a screen protector. This causes sensor malfunctions.
  • Do not allow water to contact the touch screen. The touch screen may malfunction in humid conditions or when exposed to water.


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