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Use Maps in Samsung Galaxy S4 to pinpoint the location of the device, search for places, or get directions.

Tap Maps on the Applications screen.

  •  This application may not be available depending on the region or service provider.

Searching for locations

Tap , enter an address, and then tap . Select a location to view the detailed location information. To search for nearby locations, tap .

Once the location is found, tap  and use one of the following functions:

  • Clear Map: Clear the map.
  • Make available offline: Save the map of a specified area to view it offline.
  • Directions: Get directions for the location.
  • Layers: Overlay multiple layers including satellite images, traffic information, and more.
  • Settings: Change the map settings.
  • Help: View information about using the map. To view current location, tap .

Getting directions for a destination

1. Tap .

2. Tap , and then select a method to enter starting and ending locations:

  • My current location: Use current location for starting location.
  • Contacts: Select from the contacts list.
  • Point on map: Pinpoint by tapping on the map.
  • My Places: Select from the list of favourite places.

3. Select a travel method, such as driving, public transit, or walking, and then tap GET DIRECTIONS.

4. Select one of the routes that appear, and then tap MAP VIEW to view details.

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