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Use Messaging in your Galaxy S4 to send text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS).

Tap Messaging on the Applications screen to start.

You may incur additional charges for sending or receiving messages while you are outside your home service area. For details, contact your service provider.

Sending messages on Galaxy S4

Tap , add recipients, enter a message, and then tap . Use the following methods to add recipients:

  •  Enter a phone number.
  •  Tap , select contacts, and then tap Done.

Use the following methods to make a multimedia message:

  • Tap  and attach images, videos, contacts, memos, events, and others.
  •  Tap Add subject to enter a subject.

Sending scheduled text messages on Galaxy S4

While composing a message, tap Scheduled message. Set a time and date, and then tap OK. The device will send the message at the specified time and date.

  •  If the device is turned off at the scheduled time, is not connected to the network, or the network is unstable, the message will not be sent.
  • This feature is based on the time and date set on the device. The time and date may be incorrect if you move across time zones and the network does not update the information.

Translating and sending text messages on Galaxy S4

To use the translating feature, while composing a message, tap Translate, drag the Translate switch to the right, set a language pair, and then tap OK.

Tap  to translate the message, and then tap Done. The translated message will replace the message of the source language.

Viewing incoming text messages on Galaxy S4

Incoming messages are grouped into message threads by contact. Select a contact to view the person’s message.

Listening to a voice message on Galaxy S4

Tap and hold 1 on the keypad, and then follow the instructions from your service provider.


  1. Ronnie Landau says:

    A pretty basic question: how do I forward that I have received a message to someone else? I can’t see how to do it on the S4. Am I missing something obvious?

  2. Ronnie Landau says:

    Many thanks


  3. Ronnie Landau says:

    Question: with other phones, I have grown used to seeing lists of messages received and messages sent. How can I organise my messages in this way on the S4? As it is, I cannot even differentiate them – they’re just in a long list with the contact’s name. Am I missing something obvious?

  4. How do you size photo attachments. My messages won’t send because the size is too large.

  5. my unit doesn’t have the LIFE COMPANION on the welcome screen. Is it fake? All other features are there anywhere.

  6. how do you access the word library where you can add or delete words? i hard pressed a word and it gave me the option to delete the word but then it stopped saving words i typed or swyped like it was doing before i deleted a few words.

  7. My text messages go to my email as well, how do I stop that

  8. ThankYou! One more question, my email was working fine, now it keeps saying server password changed, I keep putting in my password but the same message keeps coming up, do you know why?

  9. Kevin Schaper says:

    in text message it shows messages as draft but nothing there how do i delete these? and how do get to use groups to send a message?

  10. How can I change the limited 160 characters in a text message?

  11. Never mind

  12. The font on my messages is very big. How do i change that?

  13. Hi
    I have been sending an ordinary sms and then suddenly without me changing any settings nor adding photo or other attachment my Message was sent as a MMS. The receiver obviously was not capable of receiving MMS and did not get the Message. Where do I choose if I want to send a Message as sms or mms?

  14. this is not really related byt i was not sure how to start ew post? does anyone know why i only get certain peoples pictures through text message? my sister is always sending me pics and i dont receive half of them

  15. Joji George says:

    i am facing a problem with my sa 19500. when i open the screen roles upward and downward and i can’t access to any option! is it a software problem or screen disply problem. what i i do?
    Joji George

  16. Joji George says:

    Thanks mr. simon. Of course as you said, if it the problem of the hardware, what i have to do? will the samsung technicians can solve it easily or i have to replace it? will they delete the present software and reinstall it? what is the process?

  17. Question. My boyfriend tried syncing my photos. Well now only my messaging is all messed up. They are different colors & its not the negative option already tried it. Please help

  18. Thank you soo much. It worked 🙂 I was in panic mode !!!

  19. How do you stop text messages from displaying in the top bar?

  20. Hope you can help! I do not hear anything when I receive a text message – nor do I get any notifications. (Samsung galaxy s4) I have tried everything!!! I see and hear BBM, Viber and Whatsapp – but NOT my regular text – why??

  21. i’m having problems receiving download picture can you help?

  22. I have tried all of the sounds. Volume is at Max. Vibrate when ringing is oon. Screen lights up when a message is received but I am not always where I can see the light.

  23. Is there a quick way (other than scrolling) that I can get to the top of my text messaging thread (i.e. go to the oldest message)? Thanks!

  24. My other phone had text messages in order of sent and received by contact. Now it bundles mine in one thread and the other persons in one thread above all mine. This is horrible, always having to scroll up to see message. Is there any way to put them in time order of sent and received? Thank you

  25. Can you get received notification if the person as read ur sms text if so how do u switch it on?

  26. What is the file size limit for sending video through text messaging? I have set the resolution to the lowest setting and still the file size is too large (4.4 mb) for the 30 second video of the lowest quality.

  27. My setting for font say “large” and my emails are large but my messaging is “huge”. I cannot find a button for just text messaging font size.

  28. Hi I just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy s4. I sent text messages to a group of friends but unfortunately the text turned into MMS. How to prevent this from happening?

  29. Why the Chinese character text sms is turned into MMS? How to prevent this?

  30. Long tapping on a message cloud, one option is ‘lock ‘ what does this do?
    I am wondering if this will block an accident message from being received.

  31. Hi
    When i type a message in the ordinary message box…it sometimes goes to people via viber…then when they text me back comes back via viber(PEOPLE ARE MISSING MY MESSAGES AND VICE VERSA).

    I dont really use viber except I need it or keeping in touch with a couple of people . I also use whatsaap but dont seem to have a problem with that.
    How can i get my phone to default to ordinary messages?

  32. How do you turn off the sound notification for text messages when youre on a phone call? This is very annoying.

  33. When I am composing a text I will get a small slash on my keyboard and then it will put spaces between my letters and make up different words. I primarily notice it when using letters on the right side of the keyboard. Any idea what is causing this or how to stop it?

  34. Yes I am using the default keyboard. I shut my phone down for about a half hour and started it back up. Same problem.

  35. How can I send a message to more than 10 people in my groups. It only allows sending a sms to 10 people at a time?

  36. My partner has the same phone. Galaxy s4 and he had the option of additional emoticons (not just standard) yet he hasn’t downloaded a separate app. How do I get these on my phone?

  37. Is there not a way to receive the group messaging in one thread? I don’t have that option on my s4 under settings like there is on the 3. Is there a secret way to thread these instead of them coming in individual texts? And for the recipients to receive mine in the group as well?

  38. Everytime i send a long text message, the reciever gets it in chinese…why is that?

  39. Vivian Tran says:

    How to send videos text message on s4 ? And how to conpress the size ?

  40. My phone, out of nowhere, stopped receiving SMS and only received MMS. I tried everything and eventually had to factory reset and it still only works when it wants to. Is it the update or a setting issue? It’s driving me nuts!

  41. Can I remove the contact photo box inside the texting window?

  42. is there a way to forward to my e-mail an entire conversation done on messaging? i can send one message at t time although when i do that it doesn’t include who sent the message or when it was sent. so that doesn’t help very much

  43. Anonymous says:

    How do I get the time a message was sent to me? Thanks Samsung galaxy s 4

  44. Question: I’m in an SMS messaging conversation. I hit the home key. A new message from a different contact completely unrelated is received. I go back to messaging and it takes me to my previous SMS conversation. This is default. There is no option that I can see in the app to change this behavior. Unless, I close the messaging app. But I don’t want to do this, it’s too time consuming. Any ideas?

  45. On one of my group messaging threads I cannot scroll up to view from the beginning. What can I do?

  46. Since the latest software update, when I send a text message, a picture shows up next to my texts. How can I change what image shows there for myself? It has somehow defaulted to my business logo and I really don’t want that on all my personal outgoing texts! Is there a way to change that for myself (not for my contacts)?

  47. I used the Samsung migration tool to transfer my old SMS from Nokia E71 to Samsung S4, Everything was transferred correctly except the SMS received date, all of them were transferred with receive date 30 Oct 2020, now they are sorted on the top, while my newly received messages appear at the bottom, how could i change the sorting or how could i change the receiving date of the old SMS?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Every time i send a text my friend is getting texts from me that i sent weeks ago?

  49. Anonymous says:

    I have S4 I want to schedule messages. But when I press menu while composing text I do not get that option like I am supposed to. Have I turned something off?

  50. Having trouble receiving group MMS on Galaxy 4s !! It works randomly… Message notification shows I have a message but it failes to download it… Any solutions for that problem? Also, why there is the limit to 10 recipients for my group MMS? Sometimes I receive MMS from people, who sent it to 20 friends and I cannot reply to all 🙁
    Many of my friends have IPhones…is it the issue here?

  51. click the volume button on your phone…you should see a settings wheel beside it, if you select it, you can adjust several volumes independently. Your notification volume was probably turned off.

  52. Miss Techless says:

    A friend sent a group message and I can see all the recipients in the contacts area. When I reply to the message, EVERYONE on that list is getting my message. How can I stop everyone from seeing the message that I only wanted to reply to the person that sent the message? ALSO, how can I change the option to not see all the recipients in the contacts area that the originator sent the message to. I know I can hold press down on the message and view the message details if I wanted to know that information. I have the 4.4.2 Samsung

  53. I have saved my texts/sms on my G4. I now want to read and print them, but can’t
    Find a way to retrieve, read, print. Can you tell me how?

  54. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t I send more then 2 pics at a time via txt on my s4

  55. Anonymous says:

    on samsung s4 when you receive a text how can it be so only the name of the person is shown

  56. Anonymous says:

    On the txt message setting it say group messaging. . If it’s checked un check it and it should work..

  57. Question ::: how do I change my text messages to show who’s texting me without showing the message ??

  58. My phone says messages stopped i have to exit messages then reset before I can do anything why and what should i do

  59. Anonymous says:

    In messaging, the volume key no longer increases/decreases the size of the text. I have checked in the messaging settings and there is a check mark allowing it to do this. It worked yesterday, but suddenly the volume key only controls the volume even when I am in an individual text message.

  60. How do I move/save a draft text message to a different location until I’m ready to send it? If I leave it as a draft, I can’t see that persons text message, that I’m replying to!

  61. Anonymous says:

    When texting the reply text appears above the one I sent this causes me to have to scroll down to read reply

  62. I have switched carrier from Verizon to T-Mobile on S4. Now the outgoing messaging does not work! Can some one help please?

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