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Use Music to listen to music in your Galaxy S4.

Tap Music on the Applications screen.

  • Some file formats are not supported depending on the device’s software version.
  • Some files may not play properly depending on the encoding used.

Playing music

Select a music category, and then select a song to play.

Tap the album image at the bottom of the screen to open the music player screen.


To listen to songs at equal volume levels, tap Settings → Smart Volume.

When Smart Volume is activated, the volume may end up louder than the device volume level. Use caution to avoid long-term exposure to loud sounds to prevent damage to your hearing.

To set a personalised sound while listening to songs with a headset, tap Settings → Adapt Sound → On. When you turn the volume up to level 14 or higher, the adapt sound option is not applied to music playback. If you turn the volume down to level 13 or lower, the option is reapplied.

Setting a song as ringtone

To use the currently-playing song as ringtone, tap Set as → Phone ringtone.

Creating playlists

Make an own selection of songs.

Tap Playlists, and then tap Create playlist. Enter a title and tap OK. Tap Add music, select songs to include, and then tap Done.

To add the currently-playing song to a playlist, tap Add to playlist.

Playing music by mood

Play music grouped by mood. The playlist is automatically created by the device. When a new song is added, tap Music squareLibrary update.

Tap Music square and select a cell of mood. Or select multiple cells by dragging your finger.

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