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Galaxy S4 allows you to read near field communication (NFC) tags that contain information about products. You can also use this feature to make payments and buy tickets for transportation or events after downloading the required applications.

The Galaxy S4 battery contains a built-in NFC antenna. Handle the battery carefully to avoid damaging the NFC antenna.

  • If the screen is locked, Galaxy S4 will not read NFC tags or receive data.

To activate the NFC feature, on the Applications screen, tap Settings → Connections → NFC. Drag the NFC switch to the right.

Reading information from an NFC tag

Place the NFC antenna area on the back of Galaxy S4 near an NFC tag. The information from the tag will appear.

Making a purchase with the NFC feature

Before you can use the NFC feature to make payments, you must register for the mobile payment service. To register or get details about the service, contact your service provider.

Touch the NFC antenna area on the back of  Galaxy S4 to the NFC card reader.

To use a SIM or USIM card as the default payment method, on the Applications screen, tap Settings → Connections → NFC → NFC payment → USIM wallet.

Sending data via Android Beam on Galaxy S4

Use the Android Beam feature to send data on Galaxy S4, such as webpages and contacts, to NFC-enabled devices.

On the Applications screen, tap Settings → Connections → NFC. Drag the Android Beam switch to the right.

Select an item, touch the back of your device to the back of the other device, and then tap Galaxy S4’s screen.


  1. I use S charger from Samsung. Back cover is new one. But NFC stopped function totally. Can somebody help me?

  2. Can NFC be used to transfer photos or video from one phone to another?

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