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Use Optical Reader in your Galaxy S4 to scan or extract text or data from images, documents, business cards, or QR codes.

Tap Optical Reader on the Applications screen.

To select languages to recognise, tap Language settings.

Scanning text with Galaxy S4 optical reader

Aim the pointer at an image, document, or QR code.

  • Text: View the definition of extracted words.
  • Business cards: Make calls or send messages from the scanned contact information.
  • QR codes: View information for QR codes.
  • Some QR codes may not be recognised.
  • The following types of text may not be recognised: handwriting, small fonts, graphic fonts, cursive text, or text in images.

Extracting and translating text with Galaxy S4 optical reader

Tap , and then select the languages to translate. Tap , aim the rear camera at some text, and then tap  to capture an image of the text.

To capture a large text image that does not fit within the viewfinder, tap  to capture the image in multiple sections.

  • Tap the highlighted word to translate it.
  • Tap  to extract the text from the image.

Detailed explanation, user guide and FAQs of Business card reader (Optical Reader)  can be found on Galaxy S4 features explained:Business card reader .

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