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Use S Memo in your Galaxy S4 to create a memo using images and voice recordings.

Tap S Memo on the Applications screen.

Composing memos on Galaxy S4

Create memos with enriched content by drawing sketches with your finger or adding images or voice memos.

Tap  to write or draw on the screen, or tap  to enter text with the keyboard.


When jotting down a memo, tap  once more to change the pen type, line thickness, or pen colour.

When erasing the handwritten memo, tap , and then tap  to change the eraser size or tap Clear all to clear the memo.



To change the sheet background, tap  → Change background.

To add tags, tap  → Add tag.

Inserting multimedia files or a voice recording

Tap  to insert multimedia files. Tap  to insert a voice recording.

Browsing memos on Galaxy S4

Browse memo thumbnails by scrolling up or down. To search for a memo, tap → Search.

To delete memos, tap → Delete.

To sort memos by date, title, tag, or others, tap → Sort by.

To change the view mode, tap → List view.

To create a memo by importing a file, tap → Import.

To export memos as another file format, tap → Export.

To create a folder, tap→ Create folder.

To move memos to another folder, tap → Move. To copy memos, tap → Copy.

To change the S Memo settings, tap → Settings.

To access help information for S Memo, tap → Help.

Viewing a memo on Galaxy S4

Tap the memo thumbnail to open it. To delete memos, tap → Delete.

To send the memo to others, tap → Share via.

To save the memo as an image file or a PDF file, tap → Export.

To add the memo as your favourites list, tap → Add to Favourites.

To save the memo as an event, tap → Create event.

To set the memo as a widget or wallpaper for the Home screen, tap → Set as.

To print the memo via a USB or Wi-Fi connection, tap → Print. The device is only compatible with some Samsung printers.

To edit the memo, tap .

To play the voice recording, tap .


  1. How do you title a memo? Each of my memos say NewMemo.

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