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Use S Planner in your Galaxy S4 to manage events and tasks.

Tap S Planner on the Applications screen.

Creating events or tasks in Galaxy S4 S Planner

Tap , and then use one of the following methods:

• Add event: Enter an event with an optional repeat setting.

• Add task: Enter a task with an optional priority setting.

To add an event or task more briefly, tap a date to select it and tap it again.


Enter a title and specify which calendar to use or sync with. Then tap Edit event details or Edit task details to add more details, such as how often the event repeats, when it has an advance alert, or where it takes place.

Invite others to the event by sending a message or email. Enter the phone number or email address to the Participants field, or tap  to open the contacts list.

Attach a map showing the location of the event. Enter the location in the Location field, tap  next to the field, and then pinpoint the precise location by tapping and holding on the map that appears.

Attach a memo from S Memo in Galaxy S4 S Planner. Tap Memos, and then compose a new memo or select one of the existing memos.

Attach an image in Galaxy S4 S Planner. Tap Images, and then take a photo or select one of the existing images.

Attaching memos to a date in Galaxy S4 S Planner

Tap and hold a date to select it and the memo pad appears.


Syncing Galaxy s4 S Planner with Google Calendar

On the Applications screen, tap Settings → Accounts → Google under My accounts → a Google account → Sync Calendar. To manually sync for updating, on the Applications screen, tap S Planner Sync.

To display synced event or tasks, tap Settings → Calendars → Display, tick the Google account, and then tap Done.

Changing calendar type in Galaxy S4 S planner

Select one from among different types of calendars including year, month, week, and others at the right side of the screen. A pinch gesture can be used to change calendar type. For example, pinch to change from the monthly calendar to the yearly calendar, and spread apart to change yearly calendar back to monthly calendar.

Searching for events in Galaxy S4 S Planner

Tap Search, and then enter a keyword to search for. To view today’s events, tap Today at the top of the screen.

Deleting events in Galaxy S4 S Planner

Select a date or event, and then tap Delete.

Sharing events in Galaxy S4 S Planner

Select an event, tap Share via, and then select a sharing method.


  1. Anonymous says:

    How to change date of existing memo?

  2. Do you know how I can restore my S-Memo, initially was about 1/3 screen size, but now is just an icon. Also does it always show 31 or should it show today’s date?

  3. Yeah can attach new memo and read. Everything seems to work except is only showing as a icon.

  4. Yes, when tap on icon open up on full screen with today’s date. It somehow disappeared and I needed to drag from apps again.

  5. Can you change the user interface on s planner to a better color scheme

  6. this is all such unbelievable nonsense. I purchased a Verizon Galaxy S4 recently. There IS NO SUCH APP AS ‘S-PLANNER’. It is just ‘calendar’, a very LAME app with no possible way to change the feeble, LAME reminder tone. Do not give advice referring to nonexistent places on the Galaxy S4, please.

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