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Samsung Hub

Use this application in Galaxy S4 to purchase and download multimedia content. You can also manage the content on the device.

Tap Samsung Hub on the Applications screen.

Purchasing multimedia content

Select a service category, select media content, and then complete the purchase process.

Managing content on the device

Select a service category, scroll left, and then manage content on the device.

Samsung Apps

Use this application in Galaxy S4 to purchase and download dedicated Samsung applications. For more information, visit
Tap Samsung Apps on the Applications screen.

  • This application may not be available depending on the region or service provider.

Installing applications

Browse applications by category. Tap  to select a category.

To search for an application, tap  at the top of the screen, and then enter a keyword in the search field.

Select an application to view information. To download it, tap Get or Buy.

  • When a new version is available for any installed application, an update icon appears at the top of the screen to alert you to the update. Open the notifications panel and tap the icon to update the application.


Detailed explanation, user guide and FAQs of Samsung Hub can be found on Galaxy S4 features explained: Samsung Hub.


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