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Use Story Albumin Galaxy S4 to create your own digital album to keep your stories by organising the images neatly and automatically.

Tap Story Album on the Applications screen.

Creating story albums

Tap Create album → By tag information to create a story album automatically. Select criteria, and then tap Find pictures. Enter a title for the album, select a theme, and then tap Create album.

To create it manually, tap Create album → From Gallery.

Creating recommended albums

When you take photos at one location, the device automatically sorts your photos into albums based on your specified criteria and suggests making the new albums.

Tap Settings → Home city, and then set a method for recognising your location. Select an album type and set a minimum number of photos.

When you take photos that meet the criteria you set, the device will suggest making an album.

Tap Create album → From suggestions. Select an album, enter a title for the album, and then tap Save.

  • The device will recommend making story albums when you surpass the preset number of photos in a single day.

Viewing story albums

Select a story album. The cover image appears on the first page. Scroll left or right to view images in the story album.

When viewing an image, tap  and use the following functions:

  • Add content: Add more content to the current page.
  • Remove content: Delete content on the current page.
  • Change theme: Change the theme for the page layout.
  • Slideshow: Start a slideshow with the images in the current album.
  • Share via: Send the album to others.
  • Print: Print the album via a USB or Wi-Fi connection. The device is only compatible with some Samsung printers.
  • Order photo book: Place an order for a printed album.
  • Export: Export the album to other storage locations.
  • Delete album: Delete the album.

Editing images

Tap the image of the page in an album. To add a caption, tap .
To send the image to others, tap . To delete the image, tap .
To apply effects to the image, tap .

To start a slideshow, tap  → Slideshow → Start slideshow.

To set the image as an album cover image, tap → Set as cover. To rotate the image anticlockwise, tap → Rotate left.

To rotate the image clockwise, tap → Rotate right.

Detailed explanation, user guide and FAQs of Story Album can be found on Galaxy S4 features explained: Story Album.

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