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Use WatchON in Galaxy S4 to connect to a TV to watch your favourite shows and movies.

Tap WatchON on the Applications screen.

You must first connect the device to a network and ensure that the device’s infrared port is facing the TV.

Connecting to a TV

Connect to a TV to display the device’s screen onto a large surface and control the TV remotely with the device.

Select a country and a region. Tap  → Set Up Now, and then follow the on-screen instructions to register the TV to the device. The steps vary depending on the options you choose.

To connect to other devices, tap Settings → My room → Add devices.

Watching TV

Select from the TV programme suggestions based on your choice when registering a TV or select a category at the top of the screen.

Select a TV programme and then tap Watch now. The selected programme will show up on the connected TV.

Tap  and open the control panel to control the TV.

Setting programme reminders

Tap the time at the bottom of the screen and select a time for a TV programme you want to watch.

Select a programme, tap Reminder, and then set an alarm time to remind you of the TV programme.

Detailed explanation, user guide and FAQs of WatchON can be found on Galaxy S4 features explained: WatchON.

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