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    Share your opinions on the coming Galaxy S4. Is it worth the waiting?



    I don’t know about anyone else but I think this thing is the bomb! As far as I am concerned, the S4 capabilities rival that of my laptop – and surpass it in many ways. The features, the user interface, the ease of transition from old to new, everything is as easy as it could be.

    One of my favorite things is being able to brag about it to my iPhone friends. I work with a guy that thought the sun came up in the morning and set at night only to illuminate the iPhone and all its glory. Then I held up my phone, said “shoot” and took an incredible picture, and he no longer thinks the iPhone is all that.

    I have been dealing with my slow and beat up Samsung S2 Captivate for a long time. The S3 came out with talks of the S4 being all that and a bag of donuts. I waited for what seemed like forever, and I could not be happier for waiting! As soon as I had this phone in my hands I knew I made the right decision. If you are undecided, or hanging on the fence between the S4 and the HTC ONE, (the same predicament I faced), get the S4. It has everything you need, more than what you expect, and does it better than you hoped. Samsung will be hard pressed to top this one.

    That’s my $0.02 anyway…



    I like its built-in IR blaster which opens up big possibilities. such as the remote control of home theater, home automation devices, and in my case LCD projection screen for work. With all these remotes in one phone, there is no need to carry lots of accessories or the problem of forgetting the remote.

    Keep an eye for more Remote Control apps that will be coming to the market.

    The Galaxy S4 Remote by Zapp IR is one example. It can store up to 15 remotes on your phone.

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