Galaxy S4 features explained


galaxy-s4-featuresUpdate 1: 140 FAQs were added into individual feature page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

When you get your Samsung  Galaxy S4, you may be overwhelmed by tons of features packed in your new handset. The user manual may be helpful, but there is insufficient explanation on these features.

So, we prepared these pages giving you detailed explanation of the unique features in your Galaxy S4 so that you can fully utilize your new handset. You can navigate through the links in the left side to learn most Galaxy S4  features.

We will try to add more pages gradually and update them when needed, so please check this page regularly.

To download  Samsung Galaxy S4 User Manual (PDF) in your own language, you may check our Samsung Galaxy S4 User Manual page.

You can also read the S4 User Manual and Handbook  online.

Your feedback is important to improve the quality of these pages. Please discuss these pages in the comments section below, or in the Galaxy S4 discussion forum.

You may use the navigation below to check individual features:

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You may check Galaxy S4 online manual here.


  1. apchinku says:

    its the best phone experience…

  2. Why when i press any icon its will back to home…

  3. Cannot find or able to use Voice Input, Samsung Gal 4 sgh i337….just switched from Sam Gal Fascinate sgh t959d on June 24….Voice on that phone was straightfoward. The 4 has so many problems or glitches…the data does not get turned off fully….when data is turned on i have to go through ritual of application manager + delete data for google play so it can be used…. There are a few more tricks i have found on the web. So many more. Voice is Most Important for me!


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