Business card reader (Optical Reader)


Update 1: FAQs were added at the bottom of this page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

The business card read is essentially an OCR (optical character recognition) tool that converts the characters in the scanned image into text.  The name of the app is Optical Reader, which many users may get confused.

In Galaxy S4, the converted text can be inserted in your address book. This actually is nothing new, the old Symbian phones (e.g., Sony-Ericsson P990 and P1i) had this function. In Play Store, you can download quite a few usable apps doing the similar tasks.

One unique thing Galaxy S4  Optical Reader can offer is the integration with the S Translator. This means, for example, if you get a name card in Korean, you can get the English version of the business card in your S4. It is interesting.

What do you thin about this feature?


FAQs on Business card reader (Optical Reader)

Q1 : When I take a picture of a business card with the Optical Reader, the letters appear broken.
A : Please check the following points.
1. The target direction may be different from a direction of the LCD. So please try again to match the vertical and horizontal directions.
2. The picture may not be fully in focus. Please try again.
3. The problem may occur if the target language does not match with the setting language. Please try again after checking the setting language.

Q2 : How do I use translator feature in the Optical Reader?
A : You can translate to the various language by pressing ‘A/가’ button.


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