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Update 1: FAQs on Galaxy S4 easy mode were added at the bottom of this page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

As the name suggests, Easy Mode is designed for non-savvy users, for example, your grandma, to take most of the handset without fiddling  around the settings.

Actually, the easy mode was introduced in Galaxy Note 2, and all Samsung handset with Jelly Bean 4.1 update (for example, S3, S2, Galaxy Note) also got this feature. We put an entry for it here because this feature has been seriously overlooked.

Compared to that in previous handsets, Easy Mode in Galaxy S4 S4 has better usability.

In Easy Mode, you will get only three home screens. The main home screen has non removable widgets for the time, date, and weather. Six apps can be added  into this screen. Of course the icons are larger.

The left home screen is dedicated to phone calling. You can add 9 contacts as favorites for quick calling. Phone functions (calling, contacts, call logs) are accessed from this screen.

The right home screen is for your 9 apps with large icons. You can choose any apps from your app drawer. For other apps, you can access them from the app drawer.  Different from that in standard mode,  all apps can be listed in alphabetical order only.

Once in Easy Mode, the settings menu, camera interface are also simplified. Actually, it is sufficient for most users.

Another good thing is that you can switch between easy mode and standard mode at anytime without losing any settings in each mode.

To switch to Easy Mode, go to Settings — My device — Home screen mode — Easy mode — Apply. To switch back to standard mode, choose Standard mode, then apply.

Do you think this Easy Mode is useful? Would you recommend it to your grandparents or parent? Let’me know in the comment box below.

FAQs on Easy Mode (Home Screen Mode)

Q1 : The icon size in the home screen is different from my friends Galaxy S4.

A : The icon size is bigger than standard mode because your device set to “Easy” mode. Easy mode provides and easier experience for first time Smart-phone users with a simpler layout and bigger icons. Path : Setting → My device → Home screen mode → Easy mode

Q2 : Sometimes the camera mode appears to only have six modes. What’s the problem?
A : Please check the following points.
1. In the self-camera mode (i.e. using the Front facing camera), six camera modes are supported. (Auto, Night, Sound & shot, Best face, Best photo, Beauty face)
2. When the device is set up in the ‘Easy mode’, six camera modes is supported.
(Auto, Best photo, Beauty face, Panorama, Rich tome(HDR), Night) Path : Settings → My device → Home screen mode → Easy mode
3. In the self-camera mode (i.e. using the Front facing camera), after setting up the device in the ‘Easy mode’, it supports four camera modes. (Auto, Night, Best photo, Beauty face)

Do you have any questions on Easy Mode?

if you have any questions or encounter any issues with Easy Mode, please let us know your questions or comments  in the comment box below.

You may check Galaxy S4 online manual here.

Check this page for more Galaxy S4 features.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find it on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus…

  2. Anonymous says:

    pantech have this mode long time ago..

  3. joannereynolds says:

    Hi – I’m trying to find and activate Easy Mode in my Galaxy s3. I’ve entered Settings but cannot find My Device…Please help…..JoR

  4. I accidentally entered easy mode, when I went back to standard mode, all my pages were lost. The contacts i had grouped, page layouts, everything. Sprint store tech said too bad, nothing canbe done… So don’t switch unless you know for sure you want it!!

  5. Too easy…
    No zoom in the camera, no option to edit the home screen.
    Who ever buys a smartphone for it to be held in Easy mode – wasting his money

  6. In easy mode i cant seem to insert smileys anymore? (usually hit menu button in text messaging and insert smiley).

    Is there a way to turn this on?

  7. Would being in easy mode block call waiting?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how to delete or remove apps on the right page. What do I do if I want to change the apps ?

  9. Does anyone else have the problem that Easy Mode seems to turn off messaging?

  10. Alf Redekopp says:

    When I switch from easy mode to standard mode, I no longer can find the “Torch” icon. When I tap “Apps”, in the bottom right corner, I do not find it, nor is there a widget tab. How do I turn on the light when I’m in Standard mode. Surely I shouldn’t have to download another app when it clearly is on the phone when i’m in Easy mode. Help!

  11. Robert Mott says:

    I attempted to remove a contact from my Easy Mode home screen, and I accidentally removed the Contact Screen, so now it looks like just another App Screen. How do I restore it so I can add contacts to my Home Screen again?

  12. The phone icon is missing on the start up screen, despite being selected in easy mode settings. The other 5 icons are on the front screen but the phone icon is missing from the bottom left position. This position is blank.

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