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galaxy s4 eraser shot

Update 1: FAQs were added at the bottom of this page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

In Eraser shot mode, you can erase the movements of moving subjects in the background. So, it is for moving objects, not the stationary ones

You can access function in Camera app. Change the shooting mode to Eraser. Once in this mode, Galaxy S4 will take 5 pictures after the shutter (camera) button is tapped. The moving objects will be removed in the final image  once you tap save button.

In the stock Gallery app, you can edit the picture taken, and show or hide the moving object. If you export the image to non-S4 devices, it is just a normal photo and you cannot hide/show the moving objects.

Just note that this feature works only for pictures taken in Eraser shooting mode, in other words, you must enter this shooting mode before taking the photo). It is impossible to use feature for other photos.

To get the best shot, follow these tips suggested in the User Manual
– –Hold the camera steady and remain still while taking photos.
– –Avoid taking photos of a subject and background with similar colors.
– –When taking photos of a subject that is moving very little or moving a great deal, the camera may not recognize all of the movements.
– –If there are multiple subjects moving in the background, the camera may not recognize all of the movement.


FAQs on Eraser Shot

Q1:  When I take a photo with Eraser mode, I have difficulty getting pictures that erase the images moving in the background. Why is that?
A : The moving subject must be recognized to take a photo.
If the distance is too close from the subject or the subject is moving too fast, try shooting from a distance of about 3m. Cleared i.e. removed subjects are displayed in pink.

Q2: Although I did not erase the object, object has been removed. Why is that?
A : The moving subject be automatically deleted in the photo, and you can restore the deleted objects.
However, a fixed object can not be deleted.


  1. i cannot erase my photos after they been downloaded to the computer. There is no trash sign to allow eraising

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