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Update 1: FAQs were added at the bottom of this page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

Group Play app has been on Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Note 10.1 for quite long time. If you have any of these supported devices, you can download the app in the Play Store to share music, photos, PDF documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

But the Group Play in Galaxy S4 is totally different, although the identical name is used! You cannot even connect S4 with other devices using that app. This may disappoint some Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 owners.

The new Group Play in S4 can share the documents,photos and presentations as what you have in S3. What was really improved is sharing music. Now, in addition to streaming music to other S4 devices,  it is even possible to connect all Samsung GalaxyS4 phones together to create a powerful (arguable) surrounding sound system.

It is possible to share the presentation on all S4 devices. Unfortunately, no Samsung projector supports this at this time. Otherwise, this will be extremely attractive for business presentations.

To start a session, simply open the app and tap create group. Then you can choose music, pictures or documents to share.

To join a session, you can open the app and tap Join group. Alternatively, you can touch the back of the phone starting the session, if NFC is activated.

Here is  the video on Group Play

Any questions or tips on this feature? Post them in the comments section below, or discuss them in Galaxy S4 forum.

 FAQs on Group Play

Q1: When I try to connect my Galaxy S4 to other models through the Group Play, they can not be connected.
A: Currently, support for other models is not available.

Q2: I am trying to use the Group Play feature, but it does not connect.
A: Please check the whether the password is correct.
Please check the whether the device is connected to the other device. Please check whether the number of participating devices is more than 10.

Q3: I want to change the group name in Group Play.
A: Group name can not be set by the user because it uses the mobile AP.
However, it is possible to change the device name to change the group name. Path : Settings → More → About device → Device name

Q4: Can I use the Internet during using Group Play?
A: No, you can’t use the Internet during using of the Group Play.
It is not possible to connect to the Internet through the mobile network, and Mobile hotspot menu of setting is disabled.

Q5: Can I share the music and photos at the same time?
A: No, sharing multiple contents in real time is currently not supported. However future updates to the Software may include this ability.

Q6: When I try to delete the stored photos in Group Play, I can’t delete all photos “in one go”.
A: Group Play* has been implemented to allow photos to be deleted one by one.
Press and hold the thumbnail image in the shared screen, and then you can delete the photo.
*Path : Group Play → More → About device → Device name

Q7: Can I add more games in Group Play?
A: Games will be added through the Play Store and Samsung Apps. Schedule is undecided.

Q8 : I’ve tried to connect to the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note2 via the “Group Play” app, but the connection was not established. What should I do?
A : Sorry for your inconvenience. “Group Play” in the Galaxy S4 works based on different connection technology from the existing platform on the Note 2.
So “Group Play” in Galaxy S4 is not compatible with other existing models and can be only connected between Galaxy S4’s.

Q9 : Can I share the music and photo simultaneously (i.e. at the same time) via Group Play?
A : Sorry for your inconvenience. No. It is possible to share only 1 content item at a time.
If you share other content, need to stop the playing music.


  1. stefann-pretorius says:

    Hi, I cant get my phone to load my music to share it in the group play app? any ideas?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have music on my s4 on the ‘music’ app…I would like to use the same music via the group play app…but when I load up the group play does not include any of the music from the ‘music’ app…
    How can I get it to include all my music?
    Please help.

  3. how to add more songs at group play since it has 1 only.

  4. how do you add more games!?!?

  5. Hi,
    i tried to connect a german s4 with an english one, but only pictures could be shared, no music or videos…anyone have an idea why?


  7. hi my freind and i , we both have the s4 (i9500). when trying to share music in group play, i does not work, since we have have 2 different player. he has the Google play music and i have the “samsung” music player…i have try to make my google play music default on my s4 but in vain for the group play….how to do the “google play music ” default in group play

  8. how can I share music without the group play ever since the download I can’t email or Bluetooth music to other people

  9. If i go to group play, i don’t find any games and i can’t download anything.even when i fownload the apps from the appstore. Pls help

  10. I have an s4, an old s3, and an s2 tab 7.0. The music won’t share with the tablet. )= The music streaming from the s3 to the s4 is noticeably lagged. Every drumbeat sounds like a flan. I say to Samsung, value reverse compatibility more highly.

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