Samsung Hub


galaxy s4 samsung hubSamsung Hub is an exclusive app for you to purchase and download multimedia content. You can also manage the content on the device.

So, it is essentially an integrated store to shop, and manage your videos, games, books music and learning. Currently, Samsung have some many hubs: music hub, game hub, readers hub, media hub learning hub… You need two hands to count them. It make business sense for Samsung to provide all these contents under one roof.  For apps, you still get them from Samsung apps.

Do not confuse this new and exclusive app with the old Samsung Hub app, which has been obsoleted for long time.



  1. I lost my samsung hub app !! Can you help me to recover this app

  2. Angel Lawrence says:

    Hi im trying to go into my story album it is saying infortunately my stop album has stop please help I have very inportant picture in it I cant get it to open.
    Thank you.

  3. Angel Lawrence says:

    Thank you.

  4. I updated this app and it no longer appears on my phone

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