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Update 1: FAQs were added at the bottom of this page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

Scroll webpages or emails without touching the screen? Yes, this is what Samsung called Smart Scroll.

Smart Scroll can work in two ways once enabled.

One way is tilting your head. When reading emails or browsing websites, if you tilt your head down while staring at the screen, the device will automatically scroll down. If you tilt your head up, it will scroll up. Just as simple as this.

The second way is tilting the device. If you tilt the device forward, it will scroll down. Tilting backward make it scroll up.

Please note, the response is not instantaneous, possibly because the software need figure out what you want to do first. So, there is about 2-3 seconds delay in the response.

You can enable or disable this feature in Settings–My device–Smart screen–Smart scroll. Drag it to right to enable it Drag it to let disable. You can enable or disable the signal icon on the screen. When the device recognizes the movements of your head or the device, the icon turns green.

Have you tried this feature? What do you think about this feature? Share your experience with other owners in the comment box below.

FAQs on Smart Scroll in Galaxy S4

Q1 : An “eye-shaped” icon appears on the screen/status bar and the screen moves up and down. What is this?
A : The Air call-accept function has been activated. To check if this feature has been enabled go to: Path : Setting → My device → Smart screen → Smart scroll
Smart scroll detects your eyes with the front camera so you can scroll pages by tilting your head or the device in Internet / Email.

Q2: Although I turn off the Smart stay, the eye-shaped icon appears on the status bar. Why is that?
A: If you turn on other features related to the Smart screen as well , such as Smart stay, the eye-shaped icon appears in the status bar.
To check if other features have been enabled go to:
Path : Setting → My device → Smart screen → Smart stay / Smart rotation / Smart pause / Smart scroll

Q3 : The eye-shaped icon appears on the screen while I use the internet. Why is that? A : It’s the Visual Feedback display feature icon.
If you turn on the Visual Feedback or Smart Scroll display feature, the eye-shaped icon / scroll icon appears on the screen when the device detects the movement of your head or device.
When you untick the Visual Feedback / Smart scroll display, the eye-shaped icon / scroll icon will not appear on the screen.

Q4 : When I tilt my head, the Smart scroll feature does not respond well.
A : Please check the following points.
1. Please check that the movement of the head point s toward the camera sensor at the top of the device.
2. Check whether the SPEED setting in SMART SCROLL is too slow or too fast.
3. If you see a blue icon or a blinking eye icon, it indicates the gesture is not recognized.
When green icon is appeared on screen repeatedly slowly tilt your head up / down and stop to view the page.

Q5:  When I tilt my device, the Smart scroll does not respond well.
A : Please check the following points.
1. Please check that the green motion icon appears on the screen. Check if the Visual Feedback display setting in SMART SCROLL has been enabled.
2. If the device is tilted from 5 degrees to about 30 degrees, you can use the Smart scroll.
3. If the device is tilted more than 30 degrees or your face is not detected in the front-facing camera, the Smart scroll is stopped. To change the direction of scroll, you can “move” or “tilt” in the other direction after stopping device about 1 second.
4. Do not move a device too fast or too slow.

Q6 : When I execute the Smart scroll feature, it runs in practice mode only. Is my device faulty?
A : Smart scroll is only supported on internet webpage and the body of emails. It does not work in Chrome browser, Gmail and downloaded browser application.
Note also that this feature may not work properly in bright light, in dark conditions, or when the device is being moved or shaken.

Q7 : Although I set the Smart Scroll function, it doesn’t often work in my Galaxy S4. Especially during viewing the Internet Web pages, Smart Scroll does not work well. What’s the problem?
A : While viewing emails(the body of email messages) or Internet web pages , Smart scroll detects your eyes with the front camera so you can scroll pages by tilting your head or the device.
The Smart Scroll function supports only with the Samsung Browser(S-browser) not Chrome or download browsers. Additionally, the feature will work only when the signal icon turns green(not in the blue) to indicate that the device recognizes the movement of your face.

Smart scroll may not work in these situations.
– When the front camera fails to detect your eyes
– When the source of light is behind you or when using device in the dark
– When the device is shaking
– When interacting with the device in certain ways, such as using palm motions, tapping the screen, hovering your hand above the screen, using multiple windows or pop-ups, etc.
Smart Scroll will work only when the signal icon turns green


  1. Salahuddin says:

    S4’s smart scrolling feature is not working properly as the devise is not able to recognize the user eyes. Can any one suggest the correct position to handle it in front of face so that feature can be utilized.

  2. This function has not worked for me when using Google Chrome, Gmail application or whatever app that has scroll.
    Using the icon “Internet” it works ok. It seems to me that smart scroll works only with this “Internet” icon, if someone get to know a way to use no matter what application, please leave the comments.

  3. I bought s4 one wek back. Smart scroll worked properly for two days but now it does not work. Though I tried my level best but all in vein. Many times i enabled smart scroll but its not working. Even smart stay is not working. Please advise what should I do now ?

  4. I do not understand why this is an android(google) based device, yet it does not work via their apps. I would understand not working with non Google apps like Bing. I like gmail and chrome better and all my items are synced with my pc and phone then.

  5. smart pause is not at all working in my phone. even i turned on everything and i checked but not working .

  6. my s4 dosen’nt av smart scroll optin. can i download it?

  7. I9500 s4 doesn’t have the smart apps .How to set it up

  8. Anonymous says:

    do you have any other suggestion for the front camera to recognize my eyes– i’ve tried reboot, the mouth level-120-150 angle suggestion you had earlier, and it still doesnt work. it’s kinda frustrating. it only detects my eye 2 secs at the most.

  9. Carmella Lawrence says:

    i have tried everyting but no smart screen setting appears anywhere on my s4

  10. Anonymous says:

    Its pretty much b.s useless feature that barely works. Phone is great though

  11. its just one of the cool features of s4, but i bet you don’t just bought your s4 to try the smart scroll though.

  12. I updated the os few days ago…somehow, i cant use this feature anymore. Hand gesture is ok but smart scroll doesnt work. I hate this…

  13. Oh yes. And i wonder. Smart pause. I tried with the player once. Worked. Now? Nope.
    i regret updating the os.

  14. Any way of getting this to work on kindle?? That’s where it’d be really useful!

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