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Update 1: FAQs were added at the bottom of this page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

Now you can also listen to your photo, not just look in your Galaxy S4.

This is actually very useful feature, although some reviewers simply ignore it.

Sound & Shot allows users to record up to nine seconds of audio with a still image.

So, you can remember what was said, played, and heard, not just what it looked like. It adds another layer of excitement to help you relive and share every moment of each picture much more vividly.

The audio is recorded after (or before) the photo is taken. You can view and edit the photo in Gallery in your S4. However, if you copy the photo to your PC, it will be a normal photo without sound.

You can use this feature after opening the camera app. Just change the shot mode to Sound & Shot.

Here is an Youtube video on this feature:


FAQs on Sound and Shot

Q1 : Can I add some sound to a photo?
A : Use the Sound & Shot feature that allows you to enrich pictures by adding background sounds for 9 seconds.
A Sound & Shot photo is indicated by the musical-note icon in the upper left corner of the gallery photo.
Note: Shot and sound photos can only be “played” back with AUDIO on Galaxy S4 devices.
You can transfer ‘Sound & shot photo’ to other devices via Email, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi Direct, ChatON etc and you can still view the picture.
Between Galaxy S4’s: To check the sound of a shot and sound photo, please view the photo fin the gallery app after saving the transmitted photo in the device.

※ Note
1. If you transfer via Message, the sound is not supported and the image is only transferred.
2. If you want to transfer via ChatON, please transfer via ChatON menu from ‘Share via’ in gallery.
The photo is transferred except the sounds if you directly transfer from ChatON application.

Q2: When I view the photo after taking Sound & shot photos, there is no sound.
A: please see advice below regarding how to use the shot and sound feature:
You can set the sound recording time as before or after shooting.
When you click the arrow in the preview screen, you can choose from automatic or manual.
If you select t automatic, it will record sound for 9 seconds before shooting. if you select manual, it will record sound for 9 seconds after shooting .
Please try again after checking these settings.

Q3: Can I delete the sound part of a Sound & Shot photo .
A: No – It’s not possible. But you can be stop the sound when viewing by pressing the musical-note icon in the viewer screen.

Q4 : When I transfer the Sound & shot photos from Galaxy S4 to another device, there is no sound. If I transfer the photo with sound, what should I do?

A : Sorry for your inconvenience. Sound & Shot function can be supported only in Galaxy S4 devices at this time.

So if you transferred Sound & Shot files to other device (not galaxy S4), the sound is not played. (will be supported only between Galaxy S4 devices).

Although you can transfer between Galaxy S4 devices, the original photo must be transferred without editing to play the sound which is included in Sound & shot photo, So when you transfer Sound & shot photo, please use Bluetooth, NFC or Wi-Fi direct.
Please see the examples below.

Transferring methodThe resultRemark
Via Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth or NFCTransferred with the soundThe original file is not edited
Via MMS, ChatOn attachmentTransferred without the soundThe original file is edited and only images are transferred
Via ChatOn but with sharing function in GalleryTransferred with the sound but must be saved in the storage firstThe sound is not played in ChatOn viewer.If you save the file in the device storage, sound will be played

Do you have any questions on Galaxy S4 Sound and Shot?

if you have any questions or encounter any issues with Galaxy S4 Sound and Shot, please let us know your questions or comments  in the comment box below.

You may check Galaxy S4 online manual here.

Check this page for more Galaxy S4 features.


  1. Whats the use for that? I can only look at it on my phone? Come on, Samsung – make it easier to share!

  2. Have you published a spec for people to develop apps for it? I am sure VLC could be made to play them fairly easily.

  3. mudit agarwal says:

    i think it can be made, already figured it out..

  4. Eli Nava says:

    Hey I have recently bought a S4 but how to share this kind of stuff with my friends…. they are also using S4. Can I share this pictures by any way or it just works with a only sharing method?

  5. My 2004 point and shoot camera had this feature.

  6. How to share such photo? With another s4 device!!

  7. Ian Dodds says:

    Another sad gimmick cant share the picture….

  8. Anonymous says:

    you can send the picture to dropbox and share the download link ?? ChatON do not support sound photos?
    at the TV add its false the guy take photos in an other country and his mom recived!!! 🙁 :/

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well my galaxy mini had a sound & shot using Camera 360 application. Try it and download at play store.

  10. Can I set, for default, that when I viewing the picture with soubd in the gallery it will be without sound and just if I want to hear the sound I will touch the icin on left?

  11. Here’s the utility to extract the sound from the JPG file 🙂

  12. After taking the sound & shot, is there anyway I can edit the photo without the sound being removed? Thank you

  13. I took thousands of “sound and shot” pictures and now wish I didn’t, because the audio gets lost when I transfer to computer. Can I transfer the sound and picture separately so that later on I can put the two together when Samsung releases a software for this?

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