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Update 1: FAQs were added at the bottom of this page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

With the Story Album, you can create a digital album for every occasion.  Galaxy S4 can organize your photos and create albums based on specific events or customize them the way you want.

You can even apply themes and choose various layouts. Then print the photos and hold the memories in your hand.

Album can be created automatically  using tag information. Alternatively, you can manually select individual photos to be included in the album.

When you take photos at one location, the device automatically sorts your photos into albums based on your specified criteria and suggests making the new albums. To achieve this,  tap menu button, go to Settings-Home city, and then set a method for recognizing your location. Select an album type and set a minimum number of photos. When you take photos that meet the criteria you set, the device will suggest making an album.

Once the album is created, you can edit it by adding or removing some photos, change the cover photo, modify the layout, and send it to a Samsung printer to print. Of course, you can share and export the album to other devices.

The following video illustrates this feature.

Any questions or tips on this feature? Post them in the comments section below, or discuss them in Galaxy S4 forum.


FAQs on Story Album

Q1 : Can I transfer the Story album to the other device after creating the Story Album?
A : Yes, you can transfer the Story album as image file, PDF file, Story album file(.ssf) through ‘Share via’.

Path : Story album → Select album you want to transfer → Share via through menu key → Choose the option ‘Image file’ or ‘PDF file’ or ‘Story album file(.ssf)’
If you are unable to view a Story album you have transferred to another device (that does not support the Story album), you must transfer by ‘PDF file’.

Q2 : There is number is displayed in the Story Album icon. I want to delete it.
A : It’s a count of recommend albums.
When you take a lot of pictures in a day or while travelling after turning on the ‘Event albums’ or ’Travel albums’, albums will be suggested and then the number is created accordingly.
Path : Menu key from Album list → Settings → Event albums / Travel albums – here you can disable Event albums and Travel Albums.

After pressing ‘Create album’, once you select an item from the recommended album, go to the recommended album list. You can create and delete an album in this list.
New and in progress albums in progress make up the count number.

Q3 : When I order a photo book in Story Album, I want to order the photo book with a vertical layout. How do I change the layout of photo book in Story Album?
A : Sorry for your inconvenience.
You can’t change from a horizontal layout to vertical layout and the layout is fixed.
The Galaxy S4 only provides a horizontal layout.


  1. How can I add a pic to an already created album?

  2. What about multiple albums. I did not see support for multiple albums. I tried create another album and was frustrated. I can delete an album and make a new one. Just after I create an album there is a plus sign to create new album. If you leave the program there is no way to get back to the plus sign. This is not seeming very intuitive to me

  3. Can you remove a pix from a story album without deleting the photo from gallery? It grouped two events together that I would like to split

  4. can i just share multiple individual picture rather then the whole story album and it’s format after all the format cut my picture and it turns out ugly as i cant see the full image

  5. If my pictures are deleted from my gallery can I get them back to the gallery from story album?

  6. How long was delivery?

  7. Story Album is not working ..has error..stopped working. Tmobile S4 galaxy

  8. How can I move a picture from one page to another page in the album? I’m trying to move a picture that doesn’t fit to another page where it might fit.

  9. How do you share a created album from your story album

  10. hi…i have created the album and followed the instructions to share, the thing is i only have the ‘share pages’ image file and ‘share album’ story album file as options…the question is how do i get the option of sending it as PDF ?

  11. How do I set it up so that photos I insert manually are in order of date that pictures as taken?

  12. Can I choose what template is used for each page? Sometimes for two pictures they are placed horizontally and sometimes its vertical can i pick which way the photos are placed on each page? And

  13. Ng Nyuk Leng says:

    Hi may I know during story album display how to set music on?
    Thanks & Regards

  14. I really hate how i can customize my pages that much. sure you can move the photos around, but it wont let me pick how many photos on one page or reduce or enlarge the size of the photo. it does it all by itself and makes it hard for it to look good. If there is a way for me to control how many images go on a page please let me know. also how do i make a new page? for instance say my current last page has one photo, and i want to keep it like that but add a page after it for other photos.

  15. How do you send the .ssf file to another S4 user or email address?? I’ve been trying and even tried using SkyDrive and no luck. The original file size was 32MB but I reduced it to 12MB just to test and nothing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does story album use up my S4 storage space? If I change to a Samsung note 3 phone and using the same Samsung account will my story album be automatically transferred to my new phone?

  17. How do I add pages to the story album?

  18. Just upgraded to the s5 but I can’t get a story album widget like I have on my s4

  19. kevin gardiner says:

    How do I get my photos back from story album to my sd card please help

  20. After a recent update to my Galaxy S4, I now get an error message saying ‘Unfortunately, Story Album has stopped’. How do I make it work again? And what has happened to all my saved albums?

  21. Is it possible to add music to story album?

  22. When trying to order photos, it’s keeps coming up with failed to load price information on and I can’t continue from there. Any ideas

  23. Im based in the uk. It was available before and I remember the prices coming up before ordering but now its not coming up with any prices at all?

  24. My story album unfortunately stopped working how do I fix it? I have tried to change the date and time setting as people discussed in the blog and still not working. Please help.

  25. Try updating samsung hub. That worked for me

  26. Anonymous says:

    Mine stopped working when I updated samsung.

  27. Anonymous says:

    When I add content it is changing the order of my pictures. I add at the last page and then it puts the new picture in front of the last one and I don’t want it to move. How to I just add pictures at the end?

  28. Hani Abu Hassan says:

    how can i download new theme?

  29. I made a few albums last year and now they’re gone! I see the title and date of albums but the album is not visible to they delete after some time?

  30. I have Story Album on my Samsung Galaxy S4. It seems like I might use it, but it has a problem with the notification of New Albums. Ever since it automatically created 2 new Albums, the icon on the main Page, and in a Folder, and within “Apps” shows a “2” in a circle (2 new Albums). OK, I know! I have tried everything I can think of short of de-installing the application to get rid of the “2”. What is the secret trick? (or, is this a bug?) Thank you.

  31. I lost all of my photo albums with this app. That is ridiculous. I was deleting one album and accidently deleted all of my albums. So mad I cried all of my pictures gone! Please help me retrieve them if you know a way.

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