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Update 1: FAQs were added at the bottom of this page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

WatchON is your TV guide plus remote control. For Galaxy tablet and Note 10.1 users, you probably tried this Peel Smart which is shipped together with Galaxy Tab 2 in some regions. WatchON  can be considered as improved and optimized Peel Smart for phones.

WatchOn uses the device’s IR blaster to turn the S4 into a programmable TV (and setup box) remote control. It also recognize your TV and cable/satellite provider and displays a programming guide.  It also suggests different programs based on your preferences, provides program schedules, and does the channel surfing for you.

Because WatchON is an app, you just start the app to use it. We will post a demo later for WatchON.


 FAQs on WatchON

Q1 : Does WatchON operate as a remote control for manufacturers other than Samsung?
A : Yes – the remote control feature supports for other companies e.g. Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba LG subject to the specific model specification.

Q2 : I tried to set up WatchON, but it doesn’t work.
A : Please see advice below on how to set up Watch on. NOTE: A network data connection or Wi-Fi connection is required before commencing this process Connect to a TV to display the device’s screen onto a large surface and control the TV remotely with the device.
Select a country and a region. Tap → Set Up Now, and then follow the on-screen instructions to register the TV to the device. The steps vary depending on the options you choose.
To connect to other devices, tap → Settings → My room → Add devices.

Q3: How far is the range of the WatchON remote control function?
A : It is capable of operating in a 5m radius from the TV, up to a distance of up to 15m in a straight-line.

Q4: The operation of remote control in WatchON is poor. What should I do?
A : Please check the following points.
1. The TV is controlled by the lrLED which is located on the top right side of the Galaxy S4. For best performance please point your Galaxy S4 at the front of the SET TOP BOX or TV ‘s “IrLED sensor part “
2. Because IrLED is a technology that uses infrared, if the surrounding walls are for example grey , the operational distance may shorten. (In case of the achromatic color, the infrared reflection is reduced)
3. Some fluorescent lamps may affect the remote control feature – try adjusting the lighting in your room if possible

Q5 : Can I add multiple rooms in WatchON?
A : Yes, it’s possible. You can create extra rooms through the Add room setting.
Path : WatchON → Setting via menu key → Add room

Q6: Can I add other devices in one room of WatchON?
A : Yes, it’s possible. You can add other devices in the room through Add devices
Path : WatchON → Setting via menu key → My room → Add devices
※ You can not add the same device twice in the room.

Q7: A remote control-shaped icon has appeared on the notification panel.
A : Please check if the WatchON feature is turned on.
1. Please check that ‘Show remote control on notification panel’ feature is turned on.
Path : WatchON → Setting via menu key → Show remote control on notification panel.
2. Please check that ‘Auto display remote control on lock screen’ feature is turned on.
Path : WatchON → Setting via menu key → Auto display remote control on lock screen.

Q8 : I am trying to set up the WatchON feature but my country in not listed in the list of countries you select from. Is there an error?
A : Sorry for your inconvenience. If you can’t find your country on the list of countries it means that the WatchON service is not yet supported in your country. However further countries will be supported in the near future (expected after June, 2013) through update via Samsung Apps.

WatchON services (Yosemite Co.) are available in the following 16 countries/regions: South Korea, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland

WatchON remote control app (Peel Co.) are available in the following 51 countries/regions: South Korea, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Poland, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Japan, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, Ireland, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Philippines and Thailand.


  1. Peter Sipos says:

    is there any chance to add an ability of learning a new codes?? let`s say using the device camera as it can see the IR light emitted from remote controllers?

  2. Nothing happens when I hit menu key. Unable to change settings. I have uninstalled.turned off. Cleared settings…no luck

  3. Luis herrera says:

    Is it possible to use the ir remote without entering to whatchon app first?

  4. jhonatan says:

    cual es la marca mi de receptor coship N6760B quiero controlar mi receptor con watchon

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