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Activate the Wi-Fi feature to connect Galaxy S4  to a Wi-Fi network and access the Internet or other network devices.

To use options, tap Wi-Fi.

  • Advanced: Customise Wi-Fi settings.
  • WPS push button: Connect to a secured Wi-Fi network with a WPS button.
  • WPS PIN entry: Connect to a secured Wi-Fi network with a WPS PIN.
  • Help: Access help information for Wi-Fi.

Setting Wi-Fi sleep policy

Tap Wi-FiAdvanced → Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.

  • When the screen is turned off, the device automatically turns off Wi-Fi connections. When this happens, the device automatically accesses data networks if it is set to use them. This may incur data transfer fees. To avoid data-usage bills, set this option to Always.

Setting Network notification

The device can detect open Wi-Fi networks and display an icon on the status bar to notify when available.

Tap Wi-FiAdvanced and tick Network notification to activate this feature.

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct connects two devices directly via a Wi-Fi network without requiring an access point.

Tap Wi-Fi → Wi-Fi Direct.


Activate the Bluetooth feature to exchange information over short distances. To use more options, tap .

  • Visibility timeout: Set duration that the device is visible.
  • Received files: View received files via the Bluetooth feature.
  • Help: Access help information for Bluetooth.

Data usage

Keep track of your data usage amount, and customise the settings for the limitation.

  • Mobile data: Set the device to use data connections on any mobile network.
  • Set mobile data limit: Set a limit for the mobile data usage.
  • Data usage cycle: Enter monthly reset date to monitor your data usage.

To use more options, tap  .

  • Data roaming: Set the device to use data connections when you are roaming.
  • Restrict background data: Set the device to disable sync in the background while using a mobile network.
  • Auto sync data: Set the device to sync contact, calendar, email, bookmark, and social network image data automatically.
  • Show Wi-Fi usage: Set the device to show your data usage via Wi-Fi.
  • Mobile hotspots: Select Wi-Fi hotspots to prevent applications that are running in the background from using them.

More networks

Customise settings to control networks.

Flight mode

This disables all wireless functions on your device. You can use only non-network services.

Mobile networks

  • Mobile data: Use to allow packet switching data networks for network services.
  • Data roaming: Use the device to connect to another network when you are roaming or your home network is not available.
  • Access Point Names: Set up access point names (APNs).
  • Network mode: Select a network type.
  • Network operators: Search for available networks and select a network for roaming.

Tethering and portable hotspot

  • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot: Use the portable Wi-Fi hotspot to share the device’s mobile network connection with computers or other devices through the Wi-Fi network.
  • USB tethering: Use USB tethering to share the device’s mobile network connection with a computer via USB. When connected to a computer, the device is used as a wireless modem for the computer.
  • Bluetooth tethering: Use the Bluetooth tethering to share the device’s mobile network connection with computers via Bluetooth.
  • Help: Learn more about USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth tethering.


Set up and connect to virtual private networks (VPNs).


  • NFC: Activate the NFC feature to read or write NFC tags that contain information.
  • Android Beam: Turn on the Android Beam feature to send data, such as webpages and contacts, to NFC-enabled devices.
  • NFC payment: Set the default payment method.

S Beam

Activate the S Beam feature to send data, such as videos, images, and documents, to devices that support NFC and Wi-Fi Direct.

Nearby devices

  • File sharing: Activate media sharing to allow other DLNA-enabled devices to access media files on your device.
  • Shared contents: Set the device to share your content with other devices.
  • Allowed devices list: View the list of devices that can access your device.
  • Not-allowed devices list: View the list of devices that are blocked from accessing your device.
  • Download to: Select a memory location for saving media files.
  • Upload from other devices: Set the device to accept uploads from other devices.

Screen Mirroring

Activate the screen mirroring feature and share your display with others.

Kies via Wi-Fi

Connect the device to Samsung Kies via a Wi-Fi network.

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