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Use Gallery in Galaxy S4  to view images and videos.

Tap Gallery on the Applications screen.

  •  Some file formats are not supported depending on the software installed on the device.
  • Some files may not play properly depending on how they are encoded.

Viewing images with Galaxy S4 Gallery

Launching Gallery displays available folders. When another application, such as Email, saves an image, the Download folder is automatically created to contain the image. Likewise, capturing a screenshot automatically creates the Screenshots folder. Select a folder to open it.

In a folder, images are displayed by creation date. Select an image to view it in full screen. Scroll left or right to view the next or previous image.

Zooming in and out

Use one of the following methods to zoom in an image:

  • Double-tap anywhere to zoom in.
  • Spread two fingers apart on any place to zoom in. Pinch to zoom out, or double-tap to return.

Viewing images using the motion feature

Use the motion feature to execute a function with particular motion.

On the Applications screen, tap Settings → My device → Motions and gestures → Motion, drag the Motion switch to the right, and then turn on the switch for each feature.

To stop using a motion feature, turn off the switch for the feature.

Playing videos with Galaxy S4 Gallery

Video files show the  icon on the preview. Select a video to watch it and tap .

Trimming segments of a video with Galaxy S4 Gallery

Select a video, and then tap . Move the start bracket to the desired starting point, move the end bracket to the desired ending point, and then save the video.

Editing images with Galaxy S4 Gallery

When viewing an image, tap and use the following functions:

  • Favourite: Add the image to favourites.
  • Slideshow: Start a slideshow with the images in the current folder.
  • Photo frame: Use this to write a note below the image. The edited image is saved in the Photo frame folder.
  • Photo note: Use this to write a note on the back of the image. Tap  to edit the note.
  • Copy to clipboard: Copy to clipboard.
  • Print: Print via a USB or Wi-Fi connection. The device is only compatible with some Samsung printers.
  • Rename: Rename the file.
  • Set as: Set the image as wallpaper or a contact image.
  • Buddy photo share: Send the image to a person whose face is tagged in the image.
  • Rotate left: Rotate anticlockwise.
  • Rotate right: Rotate clockwise.
  • Crop: Resize the orange frame to crop and save the image in it.
  • Detect text: Launch Optical Reader to extract text from the image.
  • Scan for nearby devices: Search for devices that have media sharing activated.
  • Details: View image details.
  • Settings: Change the Gallery settings.

Modifying images using Galaxy S4 Gallery

When viewing an image, tap  and use the following functions:

  • Rotate: Rotate the image.
  • Crop: Crop the image.
  • Colour: Adjust the saturation or brightness of the image.
  • Effect: Apply effects to the image.
  • Portrait: Correct red-eye, adjust and retouch faces, or make background blurry.
  • Sticker: Attach stickers.
  • Drawing: Draw on the image.
  • Frame: Apply frames to the image.

Favourite images

When viewing an image, tap → Favourite to add the image to the favourites list.

Deleting images in Galaxy S4 Gallery

Use one of the following methods:
• In a folder, tap Select item, select images by ticking, and then tap .
• When viewing an image, tap .

Sharing images from Galaxy S4 Gallery

Use one of the following methods:

• In a folder, tap Select item, select images by ticking, and then tap  to send them to others.

• When viewing an image, tap  to send it to others or share it via social network services.

Setting as wallpaper

When viewing an image, tap → Set as to set the image as wallpaper or to assign it to a contact.

Tagging faces

Tap   Settings, and then tick Face tag. A yellow frame appears around the recognised face on an image. Tap the face, tap Add name, and then select or add a contact.

When the face tag appears on an image, tap the face tag and use available options, such as making calls or sending messages.

  • Face recognition may fail depending on the face angle, face size, skin colour, facial expression, light conditions, or accessories the subject is wearing.

Using Tag Buddy in Galaxy S4 Gallery

Tap → Settings → Tag buddy, and then drag the Tag buddy switch to the right to display a contextual tag (weather, location, date, and person’s name) when opening an image.


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