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Use Group Play in Galaxy S4 to share screens with multiple devices. Create or join a Group Play session, and then share images, documents, or music.

Tap Group Play on the Applications screen.

  • This application may not be available depending on the region or service provider.
  • While using this application, you cannot use the Internet.

Creating a group for Group Play

Tap Create group, and then use the following features:

  • Share music: Select music files to share. You can connect two or more devices and use them to achieve a sound effect.
  • Share pictures: Select images to share.
  • Share documents: Select documents to share.
  • Play games: Play online games with friends.

Tap  and write a note or draw on the screen. All participants can see what you create.

Tap  to view all shared images in mosaic layout.

Tap  to select more images or documents.

Tap  to view the group participants.

Joining Group Play

  • Tap Join group, and then select a Group Play session to join. Select a media category and the content that is currently being shared will appear on the device.
  • Activate the NFC feature, and touch the back of your device to the back of another device that is opening a session.

Detailed explanation, user guide and FAQs of Group Play can be found on Galaxy S4 features explained: Group Play.

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