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Use Internet in Galaxy S4 to browse the Internet. This is actually the stock browser. Of course, you can switch to Chrome if you want.

Tap Internet on the Applications screen.

Viewing webpages

Tap the address field, enter the web address, and then tap Go.

Tap  to share, save, or print the current webpage while viewing a webpage.

To change the search engine, tap the address field, and then tap the search engine icon next to the web address.

Opening a new page

Tap New window.

To go to another webpage, tap , scroll up or down, and tap the page to select it.


To bookmark the current webpage, tap Add bookmark. To open a bookmarked webpage, tap , and then select one.


Tap History to open a webpage from the list of recently-visited webpages.

To clear the history, tap Clear history.


Tap and hold a link on the webpage to open it in a new page, save, or copy. To view saved links, use Downloads.

Sharing webpages

To share a webpage address with others, tap Share via.

To share a part of a webpage, tap and hold the desired text, and then tap Share.

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