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Use My Files in Galaxy S4 to access all kinds of files stored in the device, including images, videos, songs, and sound clips.

Tap My Files on the Applications screen.

Viewing files using Galaxy S4 My Files

Select a folder to open it. To go back to the parent folder, tap . To return to the root directory, tap .

In a folder, tap , and then use one of the following options:

  • Select all: Select all files to apply the same option to them at once.
  • Create folder: Create a folder.
  • Search: Search for files.
  • View by: Change the view mode.
  • Sort by: Sort files or folders.
  • Settings: Change the file manager settings.

Adding shortcuts to folders

Add a shortcut of frequently-used folders to the root directory. Tap Add shortcut, enter a shortcut name, select a folder, and then tap Set here.

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