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Use Video app in your Galaxy S4 to play video files.

Tap Video on the Applications screen.

  • Avoid locking the device’s screen while playing a DivX Video-On-Demand. Each time you lock the screen while playing a DivX Video-On-Demand, one of your available rental counts is lost.
  • Some file formats are not supported depending on the device’s software.
  • Some files may not play properly depending on how they are encoded.

Playing videos on Galaxy S4

Select a video to play.


Deleting videos on Galaxy s4

Tap Delete, select videos by ticking, and then tap Delete.

Sharing videos on Galaxy S4

Tap Share via, select videos by ticking, tap Done, and then select a sharing method.

Using Popup Video player on Galaxy S4

Use this feature to use other applications without closing the video player. While watching videos, tap  to use the pop-up player.

Spread two fingers apart on the screen to enlarge the player or pinch to reduce it. To move the player, drag the player to another location.

Purchasing videos on Galaxy S4

Tap Download → Go to store, and then select a video.

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