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S4 dual shot

Update 1: FAQs were added at the bottom of this page. PDF version of all these FAQs can be downloaded from this post.

Most family holiday photos usually leave someone out in the photo because he/she has to press the shutter. You can bring a tripod or ask someone else to take photos for your family, but neither is practical.

Now Samsung has a solution in Galaxy S4. Dual Shot allows you to use two cameras (front and rear) to take one photo. The photo taken from the front camera (2MP) is overlayed on the photo taken from the rear camera (13MP). You can move and re-size the front camera photo to anywhere you want without using Photoshop.

If you want, you can put the photo taken from the rear camera into the inserted window and use photos taken from front camera as background.

Dual shot also works in video recording in  a similar way. This creates video in video without using any fancy tools. For some unknown reasons, the length of the video taken under dual camera mode is limited to 10 minutes (HD) or 5 minutes (full HD)

You need tap the camera button to set the camera in dual camera mode, then choose taking photos or recording videos.

Isn’t this feature really useful? I hope you enjoy this dual shot.


FAQs on Dual Shot (dual camera mode)

Q1 : In the dual camera mode, I can’t move the position of the frame.
A : Press and hold the frame to allow you then to adjust its position.

Q2 : I want to change the frame type in the dual camera mode.
A : It’s possible to change the frame type by pressing the V-shaped icon on the screen and then selecting one of the options available.

Q3 : Can I shoot video for more than 10 minutes with the dual camera mode?
A : No, you can shoot video up to maximum 10 minutes in the dual camera mode.

Q4 : The ‘Mode’ button is disabled, why can I change the mode by selecting it in the preview screen.
A : Please check if the dual camera mode is turned on.
If you want to change the mode, please try to select the mode after turning off the dual camera.


  1. MARIO PINEDA says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    my front camera doesn’t seem like to be a 2mp cam. And the dual camera isn’t working 🙁

  3. about the camera i dont think its good enough. when the back ground light is brighter will make subject darker.(shadow) but frm my others smartphone HTC can automatically adjust till can see d face & can adjust exposure/brightness. Better improve for camera option.

  4. Hi, anyone know how to change the way the image is shot by the front facing camera? I took some shots, but the image is reversed for some reason. Cheers, Tom.

  5. Can sum1 tel me how I put 1 of my photos on my front screen help please

  6. But i don’t know how to find the dual shot

  7. I took some pictures in dual mode in error. How do I remove the smaller frame completely?

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