Galaxy S4 frequently asked questions (FAQs): official Samsung Guide


Galaxy-S4-FAQsUpdate: Now you can read thsi Galaxy S4 FAQ guide (Galaxy S4 Customer Consultant Guide)  directly in this post. 

Galaxy S4 is packed with so many features, therefore it is not strange that a lot of owners have some sorts of problems or questions.

Although the S4 Owners Manual provides valuable guides and info, it is impossible to cover all aspects. Even some technicians in Samsung Service Centre may also have some doubts on some features and functions.  So, Samsung compiled 140 FAQs for Galaxy S4 owners. The documentation is intended for staff in service centres. Actually, almost all flagship Android models have the Customer Consultant Guide.

Anyway, in this guide, there are 140 questions and answers, which cover almost all S4 specific features. It is a good reading material if you are still struggling with your S4.

The PDF version is provided in this post for you to download and read offline.

We also put individual FAQ into each feature page. So, you will get detailed info of each feature in each feature page. The following feature pages were updated or will be updated in next 24 hours:

We are also trying to make an online page for these FAQs together with the User Guide. Once this is done by the end of this month, you can read all documentations online instead of downloading PDF files.

Here is link for download the PDF version of this Galaxy S4 FAQs (right click mouse button, choose save link as): Galaxy-S4-Customer-Consultant-Guide-FAQs

If you have any questions, or need help, you can post your questions in the comment box below. You may also start a new thread in the S4 Forum

Download this document to your local device (PDF, Unknown)


  1. how to swap calls with call waiting

  2. Can one change the 6 apps in the Easy mode? Thank you.

  3. what happen to my phone when it just go off multiple times but my battery is still full?

  4. Shirley Johnsonm says:

    I need to know why if my Samaung s4 is fully charged, when I turn it on, it uzzes then comes up Samsung S4 and goes off again. I am so tired so constantly having one problem after another

  5. Can you do a reply all to a group text? and if you receive a group text why can’t you see everyone who was included in the text?

  6. Anonymous says:

    there isn’t a reply all option on the galaxy 4 – and I know it’s not the carrier cause people with iphones do it

  7. why my phone s4 active the speaker is not working ( no sound ) when i switch on the music? but when i used the earphone is working?

  8. How do I get pictures off of texts to save on my laptop?

  9. can the s4 be used remotely by other parties to listen in and take photos?

  10. why my storey album has stopped?

  11. steve gray says:

    what do all the symbols at the top of the start screen mean?

  12. rubesuarez says:

    How do you rotate a recorded video on a s4

  13. How can I retrieve photos form ‘auto backup’, I have uploaded my photos to my laptop but the ones that are auto backup will not retrieve?

  14. Why do my apps keep drains my often does apps need to update ?

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