How to take screenshot on Galaxy S4 without using any apps?


A  picture speaks louder than words. Sharing your  screenshot in Galaxy S4 is very easy. But for new Samsung Galaxy users, you may still fiddle around to find an app to do it.

You can take a screenshot on Galaxy S4 without using any apps. Actually there are two methods.

Method 1:  Use Home button + Power button

To take a screenshot, you can press and hold Home button and the Power button simultaneously until the shutter sound is heard. You will also get visual confirmation near the border of the screen.  A notification will also be created and therefore you can directly check the screenshot by tap the notification.

The screenshot is always accessible from the Gallery later.

This method actually works on most Samsung Android phones.

In most regions, long press of  home key is configured as quick access to task manager and Google Now, so, you need press power button fast enough immediately after pressing the home button.

Method 2: Use your palm: palm sweeping

create screenshot with palm sweeping

Create screenshot with palm sweeping .

You can sweep your palm across the screen to capture a screenshot as shown in the image left.  You can also hear the shutter sound once the screenshot is taken. A notification will also be created.

In the practical operation, you need sweep slowly. Sometimes, the phone may think you are trying to touch some location.

This option may be off  by default in some regions. You can manually turn on this function at Settings–My device–Motions and gestures–palm motion  and then drag the Palm motion switch to the right to enable it. You may check the online user guide here for this setting: Palm motions.

Can you take the screenshot in your Galaxy S4 now?

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