Galaxy S4 online manual


galaxy s4 manualThis is the online version of Galaxy S4 manual (User Manual for I9500/9505, SGH-i337). You can read it online whenever you want. If you want to download the PDF version of the user manual, you can go to this page to download the user manual of your language.

Enjoy this Galaxy S4 online manual. If you want to know some features in detail, you may check this page: Galaxy S4 features explained.

If you cannot decide a case or cover for your S4, you may check this Galaxy S4 case and cover guide.

Part 1: Get started

  1. Galaxy S4 Device layout

  2. Buttons and their functions

  3. Installing the SIM or USIM card and battery

  4. Charging the battery

  5. Inserting a memory card

  6. Turning the device on and off

  7. Switching to silent mode

Part 2: Basics

  1. Indicator icons

  2. Using the touch screen

  3. Control motions

  4. Palm motions

  5. Air Gesture

  6. Air View

  7. Samsung Smart Pause

  8. Samsung Smart Scroll

  9. Activating glove mode

  10. Activating Multi Window

  11. Notifications

  12. Quick setting panel

  13. Home screen

  14. Locked screen

  15. Using applications

  16. Applications screen

  17.  Help

  18. Entering text

  19. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

  20. Setting up accounts

  21. Transferring files

  22. Securing the device

  23. Upgrading the device

Part 3: Communication

  1. Phone

  2. Contacts

  3. Messaging

  4. Email

  5. Google Mail

  6. Talk

  7. Google+

  8. Messenger

  9. ChatON

Part 4: Web & network

  1. Internet

  2. Chrome

  3. Bluetooth

  4. Screen Mirroring

  5. Samsung Link

  6. Group Play

  7. NFC

  8. S Beam

  9. WatchON

Part 5: Media

  1. Music

  2. Camera

  3. Gallery

  4. Story Album

  5. Video

  6. YouTube

  7. Flipboard

Part 6: Application & media stores

  1. Play Store

  2. Samsung Hub and Samsung Apps

  3. Play Books, Play Movies, Play Music and Play Magazines

Part 7: Utilities

  1. S Memo

  2. S Planner

  3. Dropbox

  4. Cloud

  5. Clock

  6. Calculator

  7. S Health

  8. S Translator

  9. Voice Recorder

  10. S Voice

  11. Google

  12. Voice Search, Downloads and TripAdvisor

  13. My Files

  14. Optical Reader

Part 8: Travel & local

  1. Maps

  2. Local

  3. Navigation

Part 9: Settings

  1. Connections

  2. My device

  3. Accounts

  4. More settings

Part 10: Troubleshooting




  1. Anl Sinha says:

    I have two questions.
    1.How do I sign out from google mail?
    2. Procedure for contacting people on videochat on hangout?

    • You can only remove a google account (or disable syncing). All Google services are tightened to this account, which is then tightened to the device. There is no sign out, as I know.

      For hangout, you need download the app from Play Store. If you click hangout from Google+, it will bring you the installation page as well. If you want to start an video chat, press and hold the people in your circle, then video chat option should pop out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Simon. That was helpful.

  3. Can you make a call from the contact list by swipping the contact to the right as you can write a message by swipping on the contact to the left?

    • Slightly different.
      To send a text message, swipe your finger from right to left on the contact. Once you swipe all the way to the left a text message window pops on the screen and the contact will be selected as recipient.

      To make a call, you can try to quickly swipe back and forth.

  4. barb basten says:

    How do I set up my voicemail

    • You can set the voice mail at settings – – device – – call.

      Of course, you need a voice mail provider. Most mobile phone carriers provide such services.

  5. Anonymous says:

    what the code to unrock the phone and use the ather network? Pls asst me am righting from Malawi

  6. Why can’t I send pictures on my messages and I do have Internet and it don’t show no errors.

  7. Mark Ntow Okyere says:

    I switch off my S4 phone and charge it. Unfortunately, it was over charged. i tried switching it on but it is not responding; only some blue light has been showing. What should i do?

    • Galaxy S4 has its own protection mechanism to prevent overcharging.

      You can remove the battery, wait a min, out the battery back, then try to power it on.

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